Additional client testimonials heard at recent events:

With CSF’s help, I went from feeling alone and terrified, to feeling that I was surrounded with love and support, and from being uninformed to being completely reassured. To have CSF’s support is like being caught by a big pair of hands that stop you from falling down a huge sinkhole! CSF helped me get back to life beyond cancer and encouraged me to stand on my own two feet again. -TM

I first encountered CSF five years ago. I was not affected by cancer, I just wanted to help. I am French so I thought I could be useful. But sadly, two years later, my husband died from cancer and CSF was there to support me. Drop-In day is the highlight of my month, meeting people who understand what you are going through is very important, sharing your pain and laughter, a lot of laughter, you feel safe. It has changed my life. -RN

After a consultation we used to sit in the car park and go over what we thought had been said. It was so stressful and we felt we were struggling in the dark. Now, with the help of CSF we feel so much better equipped to fight for my husband’s health. -PS

I’ve had four bouts of cancer now, each in a different organ. The first bout in France was a struggle and lack of fluency in French doubled my difficulty. Whilst being very supportive of me, my wife found it all almost too much. Since finding CSF we have clarity and direction and incredible support. -DS

My husband would not talk to anyone except me about his illness. It was a hard burden to bear but CSF was there to share it with me, and that was no small breakthrough. A thousand thanks. -CT

During my husband’s illness and after his death CSF provided enormous emotional and practical support. Truly a lifeline. -CT

Thank you to the whole wonderful team at CSF for your help and support. -MF

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