Book Sale Information

Ann is hoping to start her monthly Book/DVD/CD exchange again very soon. Watch this space! In the meantime, it’s online. To see what’s available, click here.

There are 10 different “libraries”. Books are arranged by category: fiction (1), non-fiction (2), sci-fi/fantasy (3), thrillers/detectives (4), and young adult books (5), DVDs are arranged by audience: PG /”Tous publics” (6), over-12s /“Interdit aux -12” (7), over-15s (8)and over-18s (9) and CDs (10). Copy and paste the title/s of the book/s (don’t worry about including the author), DVDs and/or CDs you would like to have into an email and then send it to Ann will arrange to deliver or post them to you. First come, first served!

You can make either make a donation on delivery (She’ll bring along a box or you can put the money in an envelope) or you can make a donation online here

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