Ann’s Book Sales are moving online

Book Sale Information

Ann has decided to suspend her physical book sales for the time being in order to avoid any risk of spreading Covid-19.  

Knowing how much the books and DVDs are appreciated and conscious too that fund-raising for CSF-L is difficult during the pandemic, she is moving her sales online. Will you give it a go too? There may be hiccoughs but please bear with her.

Ann says:
For both books & DVDs, click here. There are 9 “libraries”. Books are arranged by category: fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi/fantasy, thrillers/detectives, and young adult books. DVDs are arranged by audience: PG & suitable for all, over-12s and general and over-18s.
If you copy and paste the title/s of the book/s (don’t worry about including the author) and/or DVDs you would like into an email and then send it to, I will arrange to deliver or post them to you. 
First come, first served! 
You can make either make a donation on delivery (I’ll bring along a box or you can put the money in an envelope) or you can make a donation online here.
I will add (and remove) books and DVDs over the coming months so why not save this website so that you can find it again easily?
If you want me to watch out for your favourite authors/directors or have ANY questions, please email me ( and I’ll do my utmost to help. 
Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you in person again soon. 

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