Covid-19 Bulletin no. 23 – 8 September 2020

Welcome to our twenty-third bulletin during the Coronavirus epidemic. In this issue we have information about:

  • Extended list of local town-based decrees requiring the wearing of a mask in public areas
  • Feedback about making appointments for Covid-19 tests prior to surgery
  • Clarification regarding the 10 person limit on gatherings in public areas
  • Further increase in Covid-19 cases nationally and in the Hérault 

Extended list of local town-based decrees requiring the wearing of a mask in public areas
There are now 45 towns in the Hérault which require the wearing of masks in public areas:

  • Agde
  • Baillargues
  • Balaruc-les-Bains
  • Balaruc-le-Vieux
  • Béziers
  • Bouzigues
  • Castelnau-le-Lez
  • Castries
  • Clapiers
  • Le Crès
  • Cournonsec
  • Cournonterral
  • Fabrègues
  • Frontignan
  • Grabels
  • La Grande-Motte
  • Jacou
  • Juvignac
  • Lattes
  • Lavérune
  • Lunel
  • Marseillan
  • Mauguio-Carnon
  • Mèze
  • Montferrier-sur-Lez
  • Montpellier
  • Murviel-les-Montpellier
  • Palavas-les-Flots
  • Pérols
  • Pézenas
  • Pignon
  • Portiragnes
  • Prades-le-Lez
  • Saint Georges d’Orques
  • Saint Jean de Védas
  • Saussan
  • Sérignan
  • Sète
  • Valras-Plage
  • Vendargues
  • Vendres
  • Vias
  • Vic-la-Gardiole
  • Villeneuve les Béziers
  • Villenueve-lès-Maguelone 

Please do look out for further information regarding anywhere you are likely to visit to be sure you are not breaking local byelaws.

This list is subject to constant revision and cannot be guaranteed to take in daily updates.
Feedback about making appointments for Covid-19 tests prior to surgery
CSF-Languedoc has had feedback that for some, there has been difficulty in getting an appointment for a Covid 19 test prior to surgery. The test is a prerequisite to most surgery and is normally required to be taken within the 48 hours prior to admission. It can take longer than 48 hours to get your results.
Anyone due to have surgery is advised to book their appointment for any Covid-19 test required as soon as possible, and to alert the test centre to the reason and timescale for the test. It may be that you would benefit from support from your GP or Active Listener to do this.
We will continue to take note of any feedback we receive on this issue and will share any useful information.

Clarification regarding the 10 person limit on gatherings in public areas
The information we provided regarding a 10 person limit on gatherings in public areas raised a query about how this would apply in the context of places such as restaurants.
To clarify, a group of up to 10 people can be together. This means that at a restaurant for example, 10 people might be at one table, but other people could also – in their own groups of no more than 10 – be in the same restaurant.
This may be subject to review and change by the local or national government depending on levels of circulation of the virus and numbers hospitalised.
Increased cases of Covid-19 nationally and in the Hérault 
The Prime Minister announced on Thursday August 27, 2020, that the Hérault department has passed into ‘red’ for viral circulation. The rate for Hérault at that point was 84 cases per 100,000 inhabitants (the alert threshold is 50 per 100,000). This significant increase was initially amongst the younger population, but is now increasing in older people who are more vulnerable. Figures published September 5 for Hérault showed an increase of hospitalisations in one week from 35 to 49, with ICU cases up from 7 to 9, and one more death.

On Friday September 4, figures showed that the national situation continues to deteriorate. In addition to daily cases, 53 new clusters were identified in France and 46 more people were admitted to intensive care. This represents a doubling of the numbers from the previous few days. There are 473 people in intensive care, out of the 4671 patients hospitalised at the time of writing. Deaths are also increasing.
The positive test rate is now 4.5%, with a million tests per week now being undertaken. 
Occitanie has had 13 more hospitalisations since Tuesday September 1, as well as experiencing an increase of six patients admitted to intensive care. Three more deaths were recorded by health services in hospitals in the region in three days. Figures released on September 5 showed that the average number of daily diagnosed cases in Occitanie in the past week had risen to 418, up from 386 the week before.
The prefecture of the Hérault took extra protective measures by prefectural decree on August 27, 2020:

  • The practice of any dancing in establishments open to the public and public places, whether covered or not, is prohibited throughout the department until September 15. Bars and restaurants can continue to exercise their activity provided they do not contravene this measure. An exception is granted for the activities of dance education establishments.
  • Authorizations for demonstrations, events, gatherings on public roads or in a place open to the public with more than 10 people simultaneously present will be strictly limited in conjunction with the mayors of the municipalities concerned.
  • Opening of mobile pedestrian “drive-in test” screening stations. The first in Montpellier was installed on August 27, 2020, Esplanade Charles de Gaulle. It is accessible without appointment on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am to 12 pm Others are being made available.

Cancer Support France-Languedoc (CSF-L), Covid-19 response
CSF-L continues to support Anglophones touched by cancer in the Hérault and Aveyron, as well as extending support to people touched by Covid-19 during the crisis. In line with guidance, this is done at distance. Our Helpline can be reached on 04 67 44 87 06. (This is a voicemail service and we aim to return calls within 24 hours of a message being left).
If there is information you would like to share with others, please contact us using our email address:
We hope you stay safe and well.