Covid-19 Bulletin no. 51 – Olivier Varan, Health Minister’s address to the nation

Welcome to our fifty-first bulletin during the Coronavirus epidemic. In this bulletin, we bring you news of the French Health Minister’s press conference on 25th November 2021 announcing:

  • Obligatory gap between vaccinations reduced
  • Pass sanitaire no longer valid unless you have received your 3rd dose of vaccine
  • Negative PCR tests now only valid for 24 hours
  • Anti-viral drug Molnupiravir can now be prescribed by your GP

On 25 November 2021 Olivier Varan, Health Minister, gave a press conference to update the situation regarding COVID 19 and the introduction of revised government measures to deal with the ‘Fifth Wave’. The most relevant to CSF-Languedoc clients and members are as follows:

  • The government will not impose a new lockdown. There will be no re-introduction of curfew nor a mass return to working from home. 
  • A third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine will now be made available for all people over the age of 18.
  • The obligatory time gap between administration of the 2nd and 3rd doses of anti-COVID vaccine is being reduced from 6 months to 5 months. 
  • From 15th December 2021, for those over 65 years of age, the Pass Sanitaire will no longer be valid unless you have received your 3rd dose of anti-COVID vaccine. In other words, your Pass Sanitaire will be updated as part of the third dose procedure.
  • This rule, concerning the updating of the Pass Sanitaire, will be extended to the whole adult population from 15th January 2022.
  • The Pass Sanitaire will be deactivated 7 months after the date of your second dose of the anti-COVID vaccine IF you have not received the 3rd dose.
  • From Friday 26th November 2021 – wearing masks in public indoor spaces will be made compulsory, with or without possession of a Pass Sanitaire.
  • Negative PCR tests – “tests conforts” – for the purposes of the use of the Pass Sanitaire will be valid for 24 hours only, not the previous 72 hours. The PCR  tests are not refundable.
  • Primary and nursery school classes will no longer be automatically shut down if one pupil tests positive. The remaining pupils can return to school with negative tests.
  • From December 2021, the anti-viral drug, Molnupiravir, will be available to treat the symptoms of Covid-19 at home. Initially, it will be available to people over-65 and those with serious health conditions. The drug can now be prescribed by your GP.

Cancer Support France-Languedoc (CSF-L), Covid-19 response

CSF-L continues to support English speakers touched by cancer in Hérault and Aveyron, as well as extending support to people touched by Covid-19 during the crisis. In line with guidance, this is done at distance. Our Helpline can be reached on 04 67 44 87 06. (This is a voicemail service and we aim to return calls within 24 hours of a message being left).
If there is information you would like to share with others, please contact us using our email address:
We hope you stay safe and well.