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Blevins Franks Charitable Foundation donation

Thomas Marron, a partner in Blevins Franks proposed CSF Languedoc as a local cause to receive a grant from this foundation. 

After a discussion about our requirements he wrote: 

“The Foundation wishes to donate €1,125 to CSF Languedoc to support you with training costs throughout the year. Ideally, we would like the donation to go towards purchasing a dedicated laptop, software and projector.”

The grant has enabled us to purchase: 

• A high spec laptop

• Microsoft 365 6 users

• An external hard drive for backup of training materials

• External speaker for the laptop

• Flipchart stand

Karen Powell our Training and Client Support Volunteer says: 

“Having this equipment takes pressure off our Training Team, who provide their time and expertise for free, but have previously had to use their own laptops and speakers, and who have had to share information largely via email attachments or USB sticks. It also addresses the need to back-up all of our precious training materials, ensuring that they remain in the ownership of, and easily accessible to CSF-L.”

Maggie Dobson


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