Cancer Support France-Languedoc supports those affected by cancer and, now, those affected by Covid-19

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We are here to help! During the Covid-19 Confinement we continue to provide linguistic, practical & emotional support in English, for anyone affected by cancer or Covid-19 as a patient, family member or carer.

Our Helpline Number is:

04 67 44 87 06

Please leave a message on our voicemail – you will receive a personal response as soon as possible, normally within 24 hours. If you are calling from outside France, our international number is +33 467 448706.

If you need someone to talk to, to be on a phone link while you attend your consultation , to translate, or to help you find answers by directing you to accredited information, please contact us today.

We cover Hérault(34) and Aveyron(12). If you live outside of these departments please look on the CSF National website for details of the branch supporting your area or you can call their National Helpline on 0800 240 200.

Use these panels or the links above to find out more about us, how we can help you and how you can be involved.

We hope that you find the information useful and that we can help you.

News and Events

CSF Languedoc Newsletter

Read all about these CSF- Languedoc events and more besides in a handy printable form in our December newsletter. 
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National News

You can read the January 2022 edition of the newsletter of Cancer Support France – Touchlines – by clicking here.

Drop-In Days

Since the suspension of Drop-In Days these last months, the Support team at CSF-L have continued to offer what we can in terms of remote support. During November, all of our visitors to Drop-In have received individual phone-calls, giving the opportunity for a catch-up chat, repeated as often as each person would like.

Whilst it is currently forbidden to offer hands-on Therapies, there is now the option to request a half-hour session of Remote Reiki in the safety of your own home. Reiki is a form of healing without actually touching the body, thus making a version of it possible even when client and therapist are in different places. If anyone would like to make use of this opportunity offered by Sue Cartwright, whom many of you will know from Drop-In days, please email Alison Kane on

You can find information about our Drop-In Day by clicking on the panel to the right:

Hannah’s Clothes Sale

No dates have been set yet for Hannah’s next Clothes Sales. Watch this space.

Click on the panel for more information about Hannah’s sales, including location and a map.

Ann’s monthly Book & DVD exchange is going online

Ann has decided to suspend her physical book & DVD exchange for the time being in order to avoid any risk of spreading Covid-19.   But, knowing how much the books and DVDs are appreciated and conscious too that fund-raising for CSF-L is difficult during the pandemic, she is moving online. Will you give it a go too? There may be hiccoughs but please bear with her.

Ann says:
For both books & DVDs, click here. There are 9 different “libraries”. Books are arranged by category: fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi/fantasy, thrillers/detectives, and young adult books. DVDs are arranged by audience: PG /”Tous publics”, over-12s /“Interdit aux -12”, over-15s and over-18s.
If you copy and paste the title/s of the book/s (don’t worry about including the author) and/or DVDs you would like into an email and then send it to, I will arrange to deliver or post them to you. 
First come, first served! 
You can make either make a donation on delivery (I’ll bring along a box or you can put the money in an envelope) or you can make a donation online here.
I will add (and remove) books and DVDs over the coming months so why not save this website so that you can find it again easily?
If you want me to watch out for your favourite authors/directors or have ANY questions, please email me ( and I’ll do my utmost to help. 
Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you in person again soon. 

In Print

CSF article in Prospero

One of our members, George Pixley had a bright idea about how to spread the word among the ex-pat community in France about the work we do. This article about CSF appeared recently in Prospero, the publication sent to ex-BBC employees currently living in France. If anyone else has any suggestions about where we could publicise our organisation, please contact us at:

Cancer Support France article in The Telegraph

Expat cancer patients in France can rely on English-speaking support. The burden of a devastating diagnosis can be made worse by living far from home and not being fluent in French. But help is at
hand …

CSF-Languedoc featured in SecondLife magazine

CSF-Languedoc was recently featured in an article in SecondLife magazine edited by Étincelle, an association supporting women affected by cancer and their close ones, in Montpellier and the Occitanie region. You can read the article here.

We are proud to be affiliated to Cancer Support France, a national French organisation supporting English speaking people living in France, whatever their country of origin.

You can learn more about CSF National and access accredited information about different types of cancer and treatment, by visiting the CSF National website or the CSF forum where you can post questions about cancer and treatment in France.

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