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Conventions with organisations

La Ligue Contre le Cancer in Herault

CSF-Languedoc has signed a convention of partnership with La Ligue Contre le Cancer in Herault. As well as raising money for cancer research, La Ligue run a number of centres across Herault to support patients undergoing cancer treatment (known as Espaces Bien-Etre).

This convention enables us to promote each other’s events, facilitate access to each other’s therapists and run joint events. The President of La Ligue Contre le Cancer in Herault has given a number of talks to English speakers about cancer treatments at conferences arranged by CSF-Languedoc



CSF-Languedoc has signed a convention of partnership with ICM (Institut régional du Cancer de Montpellier, Val D’Aurelle). ICM is one of 20 centres of excellence for research and the treatment of cancer and looks after patients across the whole Languedoc-Roussillon region.
This accreditation enables us to work alongside their staff to support our clients.


CSF-Languedoc has signed a convention of partnership with CHU (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Montpellier).

This is renewed annually and currently involves the following services:

    • Gynaecology and Obstetrics
    • Thoracic oncology
    • Haematology
    • Clinical medicine, Day Hospital, intensive care and other hospitalisations

This list can be renegotiated at each annual renewal of the convention in order to cover other services where necessary.  CHU holds a list of accredited CSF-Languedoc Active Listeners, which, with the agreement of doctors in charge, enables these Active Listeners to accompany clients for medical examinations and consultations, to interventions in the Day Hospital (for example chemotherapy treatments), to intensive care and to visit patients who are hospitalised in the services concerned.

Do you or a family member need cancer support? CSF-Languedoc can help.

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