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ICM, the Institut Régional du Cancer de Montpellier

ICM, the Institut Régional du Cancer de Montpellier, celebrates 100 years of cancer treatment and research in 2023

ICM is internationally renowned for the quality of its research and has received for the third time the prestigious label SIRIC 3, one of only three research centres outside Paris. In 2023 a new site, to be called Med Vallée, will be built to develop more research facilities.

Throughout 2023 a series of events will mark the centenary year for ICM, with numerous sporting and cultural events, starting with

  • the “Open Sud de France” tennis tournament in February,
  • a centenary rugby match between Montpellier and Castres in April and
  • the “Défi Vivez Bougez” in June which encourages sporting activities for children.
  • In June, an event will be held at the drama festival “Les Printemps des Comediens” and
  • In November a centenary concert in aid of research and treatment of children’s cancers will be held with the Montpellier Regional Orchestra and the Montpellier Youth Orchestra performing.
  • All of this in addition to “Mars Bleu” to mark colorectal cancer prevention and “Octobre Rose” to support breast cancer prevention.


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