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Second Covid -19 booster now available for over 60’s

The protection conferred by the vaccine decreases with time and it is therefore necessary to provide additional protection against the Covid-19 virus for those at risk of severe symptoms. A second booster dose, initially made available to those over 80, is now available for anyone over 60.

This second booster should be administered a minimum of 6 months after the first booster and will consist of either a full dose of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine or a half dose of Moderna vaccine

For people aged 60 and over, this second booster can be given either: 

• in a vaccination centre, or

• by a health professional (e.g. GP or pharmacist) who is authorised to prescribe and administer the vaccine or

• in a hospital or clinic.

For people who were infected with Covid-19 after their first booster 

• If the infection occurred more than 3 months after the first booster, a second booster is not necessary. An infection provokes an immune response at least equivalent to that of a booster.

• If the infection occurred less than 3 months after the first booster, a second booster is required.

Thanks to Theo Platings for this information


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